Who made this stuff?

People who love Pop Secret popcorn that's who.

Pop Secret paid you to do this...

No, they didn't. We're not making a dime off of this.

Aren't you going to get in trouble?

We hope not. We are freely advertising our love for a product that we don't sell, but that we do buy all the time. It's called a user generated advertisement though we call it a "love display." Ummm, yummy Pop Secret. Go get a box today!

Seriously, who made this craziness!

Follow Kaptain Kat's magical trail and you may find the web site of the people who made this page!

Legal Things

Pop Secret is a registered trademark and copyright Diamond Mills, Incorporated. This site is not affilated with Diamond Mills, Incorporated, no matter what people think. All photographs of Pop Secret boxes and popcorn were taken by loving fans*. "Kaptain Kat" and cast of characters drawn and animated by another loving fan*. The photographs, "Kaptain Kat", wallpapers, and ringtones are copyright by a loving group fans*.

* - loving fans, loving groups of fans, et cetera are actaully the people who made this site...no one is paying us!